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My sister has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, should she seek a second opinion regarding her treatment options?

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Sorry to hear about your sister and her ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Regarding the seek of a second opinion for her treatment options I would highly recommend you go for it.

To give you a sense of the importance of a second opinion from a trusted oncologist, we have had patients or their family & friends telling us they wished they had received a second opinion or a service like us earlier, in some cases unfortunately before it was too late. Several sources state that 1 out of 3 cancer patients receives wrong treatment. That always doesn’t mean that a second opinion will contradict what your oncologist suggested. But, it can complement it or add valuable points that may prove key moving forward. With cancer there should be no doubt left.

No matter if you trust and choose us for a second opinion or seek another source, I would recommend you go for it.

If you decide to go with us, your sister’s case will be examined by a top US oncologist with deep knowledge and experience in his field. You get the second opinion online, without the need to travel to the oncologist’s location, thus saving time and money.

I’d say the fact that you are considering seeking a second opinion is first of all positive, it shows you want to support her the best way possible. Having support by family and friends is a very important element on your sister’s journey. I hope the above help deciding whether to go for a second opinion or not. If you have access to your sister’s medical records & documents, I would recommend you upload them securely to Cancerdocs (you can do it in a few minutes after signing up by clicking here). Alternatively you can place your request by filling in the form here.

Have a blessed day

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