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Khaled Jabboury, MD

Khaled Jabboury, MD

About Dr. Khaled Jabboury

Dr. Khaled Jabboury is located in Houston, TX. He has been in the field of medical oncology (cancer medicine) for four decades. His management approach often incorporates additional options to standard treatment programs aiming at improving the potential outcome for achieving complete remission/cure. This is carried out through close patient/treating team interaction, enhancing the patient’s cancer fighter mode transformation. Though most treatments are given on outpatient basis, his hospital affiliations include Baylor St. Lukes Hospital, And West Houston Medical Center. Dr. Jabboury typically manages treatments for patients from Houston, all through the US and overseas.

Education & Experience

After getting his medical oncology training at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, he joined MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. His earlier clinical research involvement included breast cancer, loco-regional and systemic hyperthermia, and phase 2 drug evaluations. After moving from academia to private practice, he kept his ties with cancer research and established the Jabboury Foundation for Cancer Research, a not-for-profit foundation, addressing such endeavors outside academic centers. He maintains major interest in drug combinations with the objective of improving treatment outcome for frontline drug combinations. As a consequence to a more effective drug combinations, organ preservation becomes a regularly achievable goal such as in breast and rectal cancers.

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