Frequently Asked Questions

CancerDocs is the easiest way for you to get access to cancer consultations by expert oncologists, online. After you place your request a top US oncologist will review your medical records and provide a consultation. Cancerdocs also helps international patients get treatment in the best cancer centers of the USA. We arrange everything that has to do with your trip (accommodation, visas, translations) as well as your treatment.

Oncologists of the Cancerdocs Network are USA-based doctors with deep experience and expertise in their respective fields. Some are professors or partners at prestigious cancer centers in the USA. Others have published books about treating cancer and conducted top notch research to come up with new drugs and treatment options. All doctors are carefully selected by the Cancerdocs Team and join through an invitation.

Sign up for your account by clicking here, if you haven’t already done so or login to your account and then follow the simple steps you see on your screen.

Within 72 hours from the moment you place your request. Usually consultations are completed sooner. In some tough cases more time may be required. In this cases you will get notified by us via email about the estimated turnaround time.

  • Please submit the following documents in order for our oncologists to give you the best assistance possible. If you don’t have all the documents please upload the documents you can and we will let you know if what you submitted is sufficient.Mandatory:
    • Your current cancer doctor’s last report with a list of your medications
    • Pathology reports from cancer related biopsies or surgeries

    Helpful but not mandatory:

    • Hospital discharge summaries
    • Reports from surgeries and procedures
    • Reports of diagnostic tests (Radiology and blood tests)
    • Additional documents if available such as genetic testing

How to Submit

  • You may submit your document with in the following ways:
    • If you have your documents in an a format that can be uploaded, for example photo, scanned or pdf format, please sign in to your account to upload them
    • If you have your documents in paper, you can either scan them or take a photo using your phone or tablet camera. Then sign in to your account to upload them.
      Alternatively you can send your documents via FAX to us at: +1 844-733-7744

Cancerdocs will find and assign your case to the appropriate oncologist of the Cancerdocs Network. You will then receive an email with the doctor’s and you will be able to directly contact him. The oncologist will review your records and summarize all your documents in a consultation. Once the consultation is ready you will receive an email.

Yes. The information of the doctor will become available to you after you place your order and the Cancerdocs medical team performs an initial review of your case. At that point, the most appropriate oncologist of our network is assigned to your case and you will also be able to directly contact the doctor via the Cancerdocs platform.

CancerDocs was founded by cancer doctors who want to share their knowledge with the world. Focusing on few diseases only allows us to provide you with the highest quality consultations and make a difference in people’s lives.

Absolutely and we encourage you to do so. A lot of patients do not have access to their records when it matters the most. Your consultation will be very detailed and you can print it out or access it anywhere 24/7. To access your records and the consultations you receive from our oncologists, simply login to your Cancerdocs profile.

Getting diagnosed with cancer is difficult on you, your loved ones and your family. We are here to help you at anytime you want. But we encourage you to submit your questions as early as possible. One of three patients receives the wrong initial treatment. Getting the right treatment at the beginning can make a big difference.

Yes. You can receive consultations no matter which country you live in or which country you currently are.

Yes. Family members and friends requesting a consultation on behalf of the patient is something we see very often. Just make sure you have access to the patient’s medical documents. You will be asked to submit them when you are placing your request for a consultation.

If you live in the USA there is a chance your insurance will cover the consultation fees up to 100%. Please contact us via our chat or at with your insurance details (company, member ID etc) and we’ll check for you if you are covered. If you live outside of the USA you will have to contact your insurance provider to ask if they will cover the fee for an online second opinion.