Lisa had to see 4 different Doctors in 2 states to avoid a mastectomy

Meet Lisa, Cancer Free for 5 years

Five years ago, Lisa was taking a shower when she felt a lump in her breast. She visited her doctor who told her it was nothing to worry about. Unconvinced and anxious, she consulted with another doctor. A biopsy was ordered and done. Lisa had a very aggressive form of breast cancer.

Unfortunately, her insurance coverage had lapsed and she could not be treated.
A month later, Lisa sought a THIRD opinion and was advised to get a mastectomy, a surgery to remove the entire breast.

Emotional about losing her breast, she was referred to a university professor who specializes in breast cancer. After discussing her options, a lumpectomy was suggested and performed. This is a surgery that removes the lump only and maintains the appearance of the breast.

It’s been 5 years since her initial diagnosis and Lisa remains cancer free and healthy.

Get a second opinion. It could save your life.

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