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Prostate CA returned after prostate removal in 1992. PSA had been rising since 1998. Scans showed nothing until bone mets turned up July 2014. Currently on xtande, zytiga injection 1x/month, Lupron every 4 months. PSA last month was in the low 200’s, now at 440. Multiple bone scans have showed some of the mets actually cleared up, the most recent shows no progression in the bones. This is my father, who is 87 and in otherwise good health. I am listed on his HIPAA paperwork as someone you can disclose to. He’s losing confidence in his oncologist, who sometimes seems like she is quite scattered-brained when reviewing his records each month. Worried that because of his age, she’s not willing to do more. His family lives well into their 90’s, for the record.

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