colon cancer alliance

Cancerdocs partners with Colon Cancer Alliance

Today we are very excited and proud to announce that Cancerdocs and Colon Cancer Alliance are becoming official partners. This partnership aims to help any colorectal cancer patient and any person supporting him or her get expert advice from the top cancer doctors in a fast, easy and affordable manner.

To learn more about the partnership and request help in written, phone or video about colorectal cancer, follow this link.

colon cancer alliance

Colon Cancer Alliance is the largest and oldest non-profit organization focusing on colorectal cancer. It provides support and useful resources to colorectal cancer patients and their supporters. Its mission is to stop colon cancer from being one of the three cancer killers and to do that the organization supports prevention, funds vanguard research and provides a high quality of support to patients.

The Colon Cancer Alliance provides a variety of services, including webinars, grant programs, a toll-free helpline, forums and ways for patients, survivors and caregivers to connect. The organization also is a source of valuable information around colorectal cancer with respect, commitment and compassion towards the patient being its top values . Colon Cancer Alliance has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for six straight years.

Cancerdocs specializes in providing expert online help to cancer patients and their supporters, in a simple and easy way, independent of the patient’s location. Colon cancer is one of the main cancer types Cancerdocs focuses on and aims to provide expert assistance for its patients, using online media like telehealth and video.

This new partnership will help colorectal cancer patients and supporters in need of advice from cancer doctors get in touch with trusted oncologists from the Cancerdocs Network. Cancerdocs and Colon Cancer Alliance also aim to collaborate in order to provide better care to colorectal cancer patients and help them throughout their journey.


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