Cancer symptoms you should look for

One of the most popular questions we receive is what the most common cancer symptoms are. Lots of patients are worried if they have cancer and if the changes they see on their bodies are warning signs for the existence of cancer. Let’s have a look at the five most common cancer symptoms, the ones that if you notice in yourself or in a person close to you should alert you to visit your doctor as soon as possible.


cancer symptoms

The 5 most common cancer symptoms you should have in mind

American Cancer society states that some of the following are symptoms and signs of cancer and that anyone should be aware of them. If you notice one of those symptoms it doesn’t necessarily mean that you do have cancer. That’s because these symptoms may be caused by a variety of other things. In case you notice those signs and symptoms for a long time or if they get severe, you should consider visiting a doctor.

Weight loss

Weight loss is something a very common cancer symptom for any patient at some point through their journey.  In case you notice that you lost more than 10 pounds for no particular reason that may be an early sign of cancer. Pancreatic, stomach, esophagus and lung cancer are the types that this symptom is mostly noticed for.

Temperaturecancer symptom

Temperature is one of the most common cancer symptoms. It is notable that fever is more often noticed in cases the cancer has metastasized  from its initial place. Almost cancer patient will experience fever at some point through his journey. Temperature, as a symptom, is noticed even more on patients who receive treatment that affects their immune system. In more rare case temperature can be an early sign of cancer, for example in blood cancers like lymphoma or leukemia.


Aches or pain

Aches could be one of the early signs of sone cancer types, for example testicular cancer and bone cancer. For example a headache which doesn’t get better or go away even after the patient receives treatment can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Pain in the may be a sign of cancer of the ovary, rectum or colon. In many cases, pain because of cancer may signal that the cancer has metastasized from the place in the body in which it started.


When you experience tiredness which does not go away even after you rest, that is called fatigue. This can be a significant sign of cancer, as it grows. However it could also be an early symptom for some cancer types, fore example for leukemia. Stomach and colon cancers may result into blood loss which is not that obvious. That is yet another reason why cancer may cause fatigue. To learn more about cancer fatigue check out this article. 

Changes in the skin

Together with skin cancers, other cancer types may cause changes in the skin that are visible with a bare eye. Those symptoms may include:

  • Skin that looks darker (hyperpigmentation)
  • Skin and eyes that look yellow (jaundice)
  • Skin that looks red (erythema)
  • Itching (pruritis)
  • Hair growth in excessive rates



If you notice any of those signs or symptoms you should ask your doctor. If you need help online from one of our oncologists you may contact us to seek help by one of our oncologists.


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