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I have a history of triple negative breast cancer. I finished 4 treatments of A/C in June, mastectomy in August, radiation to the skin in sept/oct and 12 taxol/carbo treatments in February. Prior to that I had bilateral lumpectomies followed by radiation for stage 1 DCIS and pathology showed a 4 mm triple negative spot. Margins and sentinel nodes clear on all surgeries. I now have 3 small spots via CT scan on my lung. Pet scan next week. I am interested in learning if there is more out there for me re treatment, particularly with immunotherapy. What can you advise?

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Thank you very much for sharing your concerns about breast cancer. My heart goes out to you in these hard times.
First, are these lung lesions metastatic? And why did you have the PET scan done? Were you treated with carbo/taxol for metastatic disease in February? Your question is whether there is a role for immunotherapy with metastatic breast cancer. There are many treatments that are being considered for immunotherapy but none are standard of care and are almost all parts of clinical trials, like you can see in this link that I chose specifically for you:


Where do you live? If you want a full review of your records, please request a consultation so that we can review your records and find an expert at a leading cancer center next to you to further investigate if there is something they would suggest for your case other than the current second line of treatments that are standard of care.

I hope this helped

Keep up the hope and the best spirit

Sincerely yours

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